Iced tea

I love to drink tea, all kinds of tea. In Belgium, tea is not that popular. Until a couple of years ago, the only tea I was familiar with was Lipton, which I didn’t like at all. Thanks to my English friend, I got introduced to loose tea and fell in love with it.

In winter I love to make a pot of hot tea, but once spring comes along, I like to drink iced tea. All store-bought iced teas contain a lot of sugar (although Lipton added stevia to their green tea recently) and since I’m trying to cut down on sugar somewhat, I decided to make my own iced teas.

It’s actually very simple! For more information click here. I usually prefer the cold preparation method, although some teas are nicer using the hot preparation method. Anyway, it’s nice to experiment and make your own iced tea! Have fun!


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