Exam time

At around 7PM today, I had to take an exam. Since I had to take the train at 5PM to be there around 6, I decided to make myself a bento I could eat on the train.

I needed something I could eat before the exam, and something to eat after the exam, because it takes me a while to get home, too.

This is what I ended up making:

2 risotto cakes with spinash, white rice,  oven roasted bits of fennel, carrot, peas, onion, white beans, blueberries, lavender tea muffins and a mixture of nuts & dried fruits (and a tiny bit of chocolate).

I ate the bottom part + the blueberries on my way there, the nuts, fruits & muffin on my way back home. It tasted great and I am quite satisfied with this bento. The tea muffin isn’t as brown as it should be, but I used some other ingredients. It tasted good, nonetheless.


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