Such a busy day today!

I had a job interview and a test today!

The job interview was in the afternoon, the test in the evening. I did a lot of travelling (love trains though!) so now I’m really exhausted. I knew it was going to be an exhausting day so I prepared my bento box.  Of course my dad told me to just buy some food in a train station or so but I had already a nice pasta sauce in mind :-).


Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms, spicy olives, onion, parmesan cheese. Mini bread with chocolate, mini bread with exotic jam,  dried fruits & nuts and a container with some more parmesan cheese.



Dinner (sort of?):

Pasta again. Blueberries, a strawberry, dried fruits & nuts and mini bread with exotic jam.

I ate it all this time.^^


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