New month (almost), new layout :)

I thought my blog could use a fresh look so I changed it last night. I hope you like it!

Today’s bento contained no meat or fish, just veggies and bread. It was so delicious (although I needed more food xD).

I’m not sure if this is elligible for 5 for friday because I used too many ingredients (I did last time too, I’m afraid xD). This bento contained focaccia bread, herb cheese and oven roasted zucchini and cherry tomatoes seasoned with salt, pepper and lime juice.

I also baked some small muesli cakes yesterday. I took some with me to voluntary work to eat during the break :-). I used my parents’ chickens’ eggs this time so the batter and cakes became quite yellow. This is because my parents’ chickens run around freely and get to eat lots of different food (grains, leftovers we give them and whatever they find in the garden) so the egg yolks become very orange.


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