Bento #26 & Five For Friday

Last week Gnoe asked me to take a picture of the scarf I got  from a collegue in Brussels so here it is! I really like it, but I’m not sure if I will wear it to job interview though!




What do you think of this a picture? I saw this beautiful rainbow a few days ago and I couldn’t resist taking a picture! It’s too bad I still don’t have a camera, otherwise I would take a lot more pictures.

My bento for tomorrow: grapes, fish fingers, one egg and miso broccoli.

Below you can see a glass I filled with chocolate soy milk oatmeal, peaches, greek yogurt, honey muesli caramelized hazelnuts (on top). I got inspired by Z&Z’s Overnight Oatmeal Cups post. I didn’t use any instant oatmeal because I had a batch of oatmeal that I had prepared last weekend. (I often do this, to save myself time in the morning.)

I already made something similar for tomorrow morning, this time without oatmeal, just peaches, muesli, greek yogurt and honey. It’s really easy and tasty! It’s definitely worth a try :-)!


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