Tea oatmeal

No bento this week, but instead I’ve made some yummy tea oatmeal. It’s really easy to make and you can even put some in your bento, in seperate cup.


  • 250ml Milk (I used soy milk)
  • 40gr oatmeal
  • a teabag or some loose tea

I used Lord Nelson’s Green Tea with Vanilla (Yum!)

  1. Heat up the milk.
  2. Add teabag (don’t let it boil yet!) and leave it in there for a minute or two (or longer if you want it to be stronger).
  3. Taste, add sugar if needed.
  4. Add nuts, raisins,.. whatever you like.
  5. Boil for a while until it has the consistency you like.
  6. Done!
    I added raisins and bits of dried coconut. Yum :-).

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