I won a lunchbox!

Thanks to één, a flemish tv channel, I won a lunchbox!  

They call it a ‘bokesdoos’, boke = flemish dialect word for a slice of bread, doos = box.

I wanted this box to contain bread, but I also wanted something more Japanese in it.

I just decided to use some leftovers, since I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to make.

This box contains: sandwiches with boursin cheese and lettuce, carrot kinpira, cheese and grapes.

I enjoyed making it and I think I will certainly enjoy eating it!

This is the Japanese book I’m currently reading. Maigo no Nemurihime by Akagawa Jirou. I often take my Japanese books with me to places, so I can read on the train or when I have to wait somewhere. But sometimes they get damaged in my handbag and of course I don’t like that, so I wanted to make a book cover for them. Most Japanese books have the same format so once you have a cover, you can use it for most Japanese books.

I used one of the paper bookcovers I still had from japan and used it as a model for my own. This is the result. Do you like it? Would you like to make one of your own?

Also, did you notice my pictures are better quality now? Do you wonder why?

It’s because I bought a new camera! Finally! My cat was totally surprised as well! She must have thought ‘What is this strange thing that’s making such weird noises?!’ Haha!


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