My way to bento

Everyone has their own way of making bentos. I started out making bentos because I wanted to make myself healthy lunches, so you won’t see many cute/pretty bentos here. This also saves me money because right now I don’t have any nori or vegetable cutters and so on.

Here’s what I really find important when making my bento:

  1. variation
  2. healthy & balanced (a treat is okay)
  3. colorful
  4. has to taste good

This week I didn’t have much time to make my bentos so here’s what I ended up with:


Tuesday bento: Salade consisting of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes + a bit of sesame oil. Crackers and sweet brown beans (were still defrosting), grapes and a thin slice of matcha castella cake.

Verdict: The salade was really nice, nicer than I expected! This whole bento was nice, only the beans disappointed me a bit because they tasted better before. Maybe it’s because they’ve been in the freezer for a while now…

My Friday bento: first tier: rice, sweet corn, a bit of meat.
Second tier: 4 letter cookies, 4 parts of an apple (I already took one xD)

Verdict: Simple & delicious! I really liked the contrast between the sweet corn and the salty meat.


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