Last bentos of 2012 & Omiyage

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been posting for a while but I have been making bentos, although I forgot to take pictures of some of them. Lately my bentos are a bit plain, I haven’t been planning ahead and it shows.

Foto0284 Top tier:pasta with tofu, carrots, bell pepper, flavored it all with soy sauce. It tastes quite nice.
Bottom tier: chocolate soy milk oatmeal with pear.

Foto0289Top tier: Rice and steamed cabbage with sesame dressing and a bit of vegetarian burger.Bottom tier: leftover bits of broccoli with sesame dressing and vegetarian burger.
The burger wasn’t as nice as I had hoped. For some reason it tasted pretty good the evening before, but it didn’t taste nice when I had the rest for lunch.

Foto0287Waiting for the train.

This month I also had the opportunity to show a Japanese couple around in Brussels for a couple of hours. I thought it’d be nice to speak Japanese again, so I met up with them. I had bought them some chocolate as present/souvenir (= omiyage). Of course they had bought something for me too. I love how beautiful japanese presents are wrapped/packed so I had to take a picture of it.

omiyage 001Omiyage.

omiyage 002More omiyage (candy).

I love the way it’s all packed beautifully, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s really necessary because it’s bad for the environment.

Do you wonder about it sometimes?

I’m really grateful for the omiyage though. It was delicious!


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