Bento Budget in 2013

001Sample tea I got from teabar. Don’t you love the colors?

In order to save money this year I’m going to:

  • Not buy any bento boxes or bento related things anymore until I get a job.
    I still have some bento boxes that I haven’t used yet so it’s stupid to buy more when I still have those unused boxes.
  • Waste less food so that means using up some of the food I have stocked up in my cupboards or throw it away/donate to my parents’ chickens if it’s gotten bad. Again, no use to buy new things if you still have a lot of food around, right?!
  • Make my own cookies/cake… more often.Not sure if this it’ll will actually help save money but it’ll sure be healthier for me!
  • Eat less meat.
  • Make ice tea/tea more often again.

I’m not sure if these are resolutions because I’ve been doing/trying to do most of these things already in 2012. This is just the direction I want to go into with my bentos & blog!

Bentos I made this week:

002Rice cracker, mandarin orange, potatoes with herbs, vegetables, mushrooms and garlic flavored sesame seeds.

003Fried rice, mandarin orange and a chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Bento Budget in 2013

    • Thanks for letting me know :). I have a friend who’d love to win a bento box because she’s on a small budget herself, so I will tell her about it too.

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